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Cloud technology has opened many possibilities in the surveillance industry. The application of VSAAS allows users to gain a security system that is affordable and manageable by giving direct control to designated administrators. EpiCamera's cloud-based system makes it easy to set up any number of compatible IP cameras or webcams to store the data online.

Previously, a surveillance system's vulnerability was having the data storage compromised, as servers or DVR devices require frequent maintenance and upgrades. These storage devices were also easy targets for malicious individuals to retrieve information or to destroy in order to cover up any criminal activity. With EpiCamera, you will be able to view your premises by simply logging in to your EpiCamera account via web browser or even mobile applications. Viewing live stream or playbacks are now at your fingertips. You can also generate reports to evaluate the effectiveness of your system. EpiCamera provides the security that you need and deserve, giving you a peace of mind.

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Epicamera Video Analytics Solutions
Epicamera also offers various video analytics solutions including vehicle counting for traffic solution, tree counting for agriculture via drone, people counting for retail and restaurant industries, intruder detection, OCR and automated vehicle license plate recognition, deploying artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.
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