EpiCamera Mobile
Cameras on Your Palm

EpiCamera Mobile is an app for EpiCamera that gives you the power to monitor your personal space or office premise while you’re on-the-go from your smartphone/tablet – giving you that comfort of being in control.

Get an EpiCamera Cloud Surveillance Solution trial package of 1GB storage for 1 camera.

For Commercial Users - This app ensures you the certainty of being in the know at all times by allowing you to monitor your offices, staffs, factories, stalls, shops, or your other work spaces comfortably no matter of when and where you are.
For Home Users - Enables you to keep an eye on your loved ones, pets and valuables, leaving you with peace of mind knowing that you are connected with them at all times.
User Intuitive Mobile Interface

EpiCamera Mobile stresses on security, yet never compromises on positive user experience. Rest assured that you could navigate through the mobile app with ease every time.

Simply login with your email and password to view the cameras you have set up in the EpiCamera account.
Guides Are Available

EpiCamera prepares Guides for the less tech-savvy users, providing them with step-by-step information on how to use EpiCamera Mobile to their best advantage.

Click "More" > “Guide” to get assistance instantly.
Live View/Stream Your Cameras Anytime You Fancy

EpiCamera Mobile App facilitates live viewing or live streaming from your mobile gadgets at any time you please without restrictions.

Select the cameras you want and view your camera display in a single or quad-view mode easily and simply rotate the screen for a larger display option.

Missed an Important Moment?

At times when things go wrong, preview of available records is inevitable to find plausible proofs to the incidents. EpiCamera understands the urgency of an emergency and facilitates a Playback feature in the mobile app for you to select and playback footages of certain time/date with just few clicks.

Install EpiCamera Mobile App Today!

Manage your cameras, set up profile, archive captured frames from your cameras, view subscription plan and receive notifications whenever motions are detected from your surveilled premises.

Download EpiCamera Mobile NOW, and be in the know!