EpiCamera lets your guardian angels in.
By listing your camera in EpiCamera Public Camera View, you can have our users to help watching out your premises.
Public Camera View
Camera owners are advised to choose the cameras to be viewed by public cautiously for security and privacy reasons. For public places like parks, beaches, shopping malls, restaurants, there is no harm to let the public to view the crowds, weather, queue line for example. But for certain private places like classrooms, banks, inside a house, it is better to be kept the viewing private. We just can’t predict how villains would exploit the public live cam.
Monitoring using Public Power
EpiCamera online viewers can monitor the publicized premises together. In the future, there will be an "alert button" which viewer can alert the camera owner for abnormal scenes/activities for example strange parcels, accidents, injuries, steal/theft and etc.
Real Time Online Appearance
Business owners for restaurant, mall, park, hospital etc are encouraged to share your cameras of public areas online as one of the marketing methods. Public can check out the crowd/line at your place to plan their time!
Real Time Traffic View
Road users can check the real-time traffic situation from our public cloud to plan their journey ahead. By having the right information, users can avoid heavy traffic roads and take better route.
Safe-guard Residential Area
Common places of housing area such as playground, guard house, swimming pool etc can be shared here so that all residents can keep an eye on their living area. And to make sure the guards are doing their jobs!
Attendance Monitoring
Schools, tuitions or learning centres can connect their cameras to EpiCamera to provide parents with a tool to monitor their kids' attendance.
Watch Working Progress
Factories, workshops, studios etc should share their cameras here so that public get to know how they work. Showing live cameras of construction sites here can help properties buyers to check the building process.
Love looking at the stars but can't afford to be outdoor at all times? You can check out the public sky watching cameras in EpiCamera to cater to your fancy.
Wildlife Watching
Wildlife is always fascinating but not all of the enthusiasts have the luxuries to indulge in outdoor travel. Connect your wildlife watching cameras in EpiCamera and share it with nature lovers out there.
Share your camera on our Public Camera View!
To share your camera, please login and go to "List of Camera" in My Dashboard. Click the "Edit" button on the selected camera. Under "Configuration", tick "Public Camera View" to list your camera in EpiCamera Public Camera View.
Check out EpiCamera Public Camera View!