Building Cloud Service Business Together

EpiCamera White Label Partner Program

Interested in having your own Cloud Surveillance Solution? EpiCamera got it covered, so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. EpiCamera White Label Programis ideal for IP camera manufacturers or brand owners!

With EpiCamera White Label Partner program you can now resell our Cloud Surveillance Solution rebranded with your own brand name. You can bill your clients according to your own business plan while we take care of the development and technical support that you need. This program is great for IP camera manufacturers or brand owners, or anybody with associates or business contacts who will benefit from our web services under your own label.


How to Get Started?

Contact us if you are interested in our White Label Partner program or you have questions pertaining this program. We need to know the details of your requirements and we’ll come back to you with our proposal to match. Email us at detailing your requirements and we will take it from there to build a business with your company.


How Does White Label Work?

Basically under this program, you will use EpiCamera platform and content in your own brand name. This service will be your own product that you can offer to your clientele according to your own marketing strategy and pricing structure. To participate in this program, you need to invest on setup fee, annual server-hosting fee and monthly storage in EpiCamera and in return, our experts will provide you with design, technology, platform, database, and necessary supports & system maintenance. You will be given access to an Admin Page for your own management of distributors, dealers and end-users. In short, this program is providing a turnkey solution, eliminating your development time, minimizing your costs and maximizing your profits!


EpiCamera White Label Program Price Structure

Under this program, investment is scalable according to your requirements. There are 3 charges as detailed below:

1. One-Time Initial Set Up Fee, which includes:
a. Setting up and configuration of server;
b. Website content creation and design
2. Yearly Server Hosting Fee hosted by Amazon Web Services
3. Monthly Storage Charge inclusive of monthly maintenance cost as per actual usage.

Maintenance and Technical Supports Provided by Program

1. Maintenance services:

i. Server & database updates & configuration
ii. Storage & traffic
iii. Technical email support
iv. Debugging
v. Bug fixes
vi. Error detection
vii. Log investigation
viii. Quick fixes

2. Technical supports

i. To provide technical support on platform architecture, design, modules, functionality.
ii. To provide instructions and help in urgent cases, as well as to resolve blocking issues – i.e. help identify the nature of issues and propose a solution to your end-users.
iii. Support will be provided within 24 hours from the time of the request on business days.
iv. EpiCamera is not responsible for emergency cases and will not assume responsibility for server down time, server delayed response time, network issues, or any other issues caused by interruption or intermittent issues of the underlying hosting service provider, Amazon Web Services.
Our Guarantees

1. We will integrate the Cloud Surveillance Service into your software and hardware.
2. We guarantee that your Cloud Surveillance Service would be using the highly reliable Amazon cloud platform, providing you with peace of mind for your business
3. We will be providing you with maintenance service and technical support that we promise.
4. We will keep updated with our technology and information and constantly update you with new features that we introduce to EpiCamera.
5. We will also integrate the payment gateway of the System to your bank account, which means you can deal directly with your clientele for all online payment transactions.