How should I record video?

Recording video can be tricky. EpiCamera makes things easy.

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Users face 3 important choices in how they record video:

What resolution do you record at?
Do you record continuously or based on motion?
What frame rate do you record at?

Recording resolution is limited to what the camera can capture. If you buy a Standard Definition camera, you can never record it at High Definition resolution. On the flipside, typically users record at the highest resolution the camera can capture.

One of the toughest choices is to record continuously or based on motion. They both have tradeoffs. Continuous ensures video is always recorded but wastes storage space. Motion based saves significantly on storage but increase the risk that important video will be risked. Overall, most systems use motion based today.

Finally, when setting up recording, frame rate selection is important. It can be low by choosing 1fps and have a slide show or high by choosing 30fps like TV. Our statistics on frame rate usage shows that 6-10 fps is most common used.

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