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This tool is for you to calculate and estimate the storage space that you'll need to subscribe from EpiCamera. EpiCamera provides flexible packages for our users so that they can maximize the usage of their storage space.

Storage Tips
Cloud video surveillance products utilize internet bandwidth and storage space based on their configuration and the following factors :
Quantity of cameras installed
Nature of recording - continuous or event-based (motion detect)
Duration of daily recording hours
Frames per second
Image resolution
Image compression type
Scenery: Image complexity
(i.e. a single-color painted wall: min, a forest: max) , lighting condition and amount of motion (office environment: min, crowded train station: max)
Storage Duration
Storage Calculator

Image Information
Camera Stream:
Camera Resolution:
QCIF (176x120)
CIF (352x240)
4CIF (704x480)
1 Megapixel (1280x1024)
2 Megapixel (1600x1200)
3 Megapixel (2048x1536)
VGA (640x480)
QVGA (320x240)
Video Quality:
Average Frame Size:
Camera Information
Frame per Minute per Camera:
Frame per Minute per Camera
Hour of Recording per Day per Camera:
Hours per Day
Desired Storage per Day per Camera:
Days of Storage
Number of Cameras:
Estimated Bandwidth Required:
Per Camera:
Estimated Storage Required:
Not familiar with the technical terms?
Check the storage table reference below:
Camera Fee/month
1 Unit(s) USD3
2 units USD8
4 units USD16
9 units USD36
16 units USD64
Storage Duration
500MB 7 days
1 GB 7 days
2 GB 7 days
4.5GB 7 days
8GB 7 days
Sample calculation based on Camera Stream: H.264 / Resolution: 640 x 480 / Average frame size: 7KB running 24/7 (up to 8640 footages/day).
Videos with smaller resolution will be saved in a smaller file size, and vice versa.
In order to have quality footage, it is recommended to keep video resolution at a minimum of 640 x 480.
If the priority is storage and not image quality, you may reduce the resolution to 320 x 240 to save costs.
Kindly consult your installer for the exact storage amount recommended for your situation.
Please note that apart from purchased package & solution, all subscribed user will get extra 1GB Storage for ONE camera for FREE, which is not inclusive in the calculation above. Each solution pack costs USD4 which comes with full features & 500MB storage, while extra storage is priced at USD3 for 1GB. Know more about Pricing here.
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